Program Structure

Basic Requirements

Eligible students must be (1) a current Quarry Lane student,  (2) in grades 6th-12th, and (3) with basic computer literacy (typing, google drive, google, audio/visual adjustments, etc). 


Formal Classes

Students can take formal, WASC acredited, graded classes at Quarry Lane. There are four classes offered at Quarry Lane between the middle and high school.

Name Grade Level Length Purpose Structure Tournaments Required Class Pre-Req Events Can Retake for Multiple Grades
Middle School Intro 6th-8th 1/2 Year (Fall or Spring) Life Skills

Teacher rotates between Events

N N/A Intro Debate, Extemp, Impromptu, Mini-Interp N
Middle School Interm 7th-8th 1/2 Year (Fall or Spring) Tournament Competition Teacher rotates between Students Y MS Intro OR Approved Policy Camp All QL Events in 8th
High School Intro 9th-12th Full Year  Tournament Competition  Teacher rotates between Events Y N/A Policy, PF, Interp, Impromptu N
High School Interm 9th-12th Full Year Tournament Competition Teacher rotates between Students Y MS/HS Intro OR Approved Policy Camp All QL Events in 11/12th

After-school Practices

Students can also attend practices offered after-school at Quarry Lane. While practices are offered a few times throughout the week, students generally attend the one that best fits their schedule. Students are split according to their event and receive instruction accordingly by either the teacher, assistant coach, and/or event co-captain.

Practices after-school are generally at home and on zoom, that way everyone can best participate fully. 

After-school practices are purely for tournament preparation, so students interested in just a "life skills" instructions are encouraged to enroll in the class instead. Students interested in tournament competition are also encouraged to enroll in the class, as students who do the best tend to be students who both take the classes and attend after-school practices regularly. 


Students compete at tournaments during the weekend throughout the year. Since the advent of covid-19, tournaments have been entirely on-line through a zoom-like platform. One positive effect is this broadly expands the tournaments we can attend nation-wide, minimizes school missed, travel time, and significantly reduces costs. 

All tournaments we attend (including those we don't) can be found on

Other Activities

Students also attend a plethora of other events including workshops, intramurals/open scrimmages, etc.